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Food Science & Technology: Personnel

Yao-Wen Huang Yao Wen Huang

Dr. Yao-Wen Huang


B.S., National Taiwan Ocean University
M.S., University of Georgia
Ph.D., University of Georgia

Department of Food Science & Technology
University of Georgia
Office #120, Lab #306/309
Athens, GA 30602-2610

Office Phone: (706) 542-1092










Description of Research Interests

Aquatic food product technology.  Food safety and microbiology, advanced packaging system, shelf life extension, rapid pathogen detection using nanotechnology, by-product recovery and utilization, new product and process development.

Courses Taught

FYOS 1001: Tea: Art, Science and Technology
FDST 3000: Introduction to Food Science and Technology
FDST 3910: Food Science Internship
FDST 4250/6250-4250L/6250L: New Food Product Development
FDST 8020/8020L: Flavor Chemistry and Evaluation


Selected Recent Publications

Chen, J., Wu, X., Huang, Y.-W., and Zhao, Y.  2013. Detection of E. coli using SERS active filters with silver nanorod array. Sensor and Actuators B: Chemical 191: 485-490.

Wu, X., Xu, C., Tripp, R.A., Huang, Y.-W., and Zhao, Y. 2013. Detection and differentiation of foodborne pathogenic bacteria in mung bean sprouts using field deployable label-free SERS devices. Analyst 138 (10), 3005-3012.

Wu, X., Chen, J., Park, B., Huang, Y.-W., and Zhao, Y.  2013 "The Use of Silver Nanorod Array-Based Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Sensor for Food Safety Applications" in "Advances in Applied Nanotechnology for Agriculture" edited by Bosoon Park and Michael Appell, ACS Symposium Series, Vol. 1143 (American Chemical Society Publication) Chap. 5, pp. 85–108.

Chen, J., Abell, J., Huang, Y. –W., and Zhao, Y. 2012. On-chip ultra-thin layer chromatography and surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy. Lab Chip 12:3096-3102.

Chen, L.-C., Chiang, W.D., Chen, W.-C., Chen, H.-H., Huang, Y.-W., Chen, W.-J., and Lin, S.-B. 2012. Influence of alanine uptake onStaphylococcus aureussurface charge and its susceptibility to two cationic antibacterial agents, nisin and low molecular weight chitosan. Food Chem. 135:2397-2403.

Yang, Y.-C., Huang, Y.-W., Hsieh, C.-H., Huang, Y.-R.,and Chen, C.-H. 2012. A unique specification method for processed unicorn filefish products using a DNA barcode marker. Food Control 25:292-302.

Wu, X., Gao, S., Wang, J.-S., Wang,H.Y., Huang, Y.-W., and Zhao, Y. 2012. The surface-enhanced Raman spectra of aflatoxins: spectral analysis, density functional theory calculation, detection and differentiation. Analyst 137:4226-4234.

Du, X., Chu, H.-Y., Huang, Y.W., and Zhao, Y. 2010. Qualitative and quantitative determination of Melamine by surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy using silver nanorod array substrates," Applied Spectroscopy 64, 781-785.

Chu, H.Y., Huang, Y.W., and Zhao, Y.  2008.  Silver nanorod array as a SERS substrate for foodborne pathogenic bacteria detection.  Applied  Spectroscopy. 62(8): 922-931.

Hu, Y.H., Lin, C.L., Huang, Y.-W., Liu, P.E., and Hwang, D.-F.  2008.  Dietary amino acid taurine ameliorates liver injury in chronic hepatitis patients.  Amino Acids 35:469-473.

Huang, Y.-R, Hung, Y.-C., Hsu, S.-Y., Huang, Y.-W. and Hwang, D.-F. 2008. Application of electrolyzed water in the food industry.  Food Control 19 (4): 329-345.


University of Georgia (UGA) College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES)